lundi, septembre 7 2009

The new Livre rare Book site available in Beta version !

The new Livre rare Book site is now available in Beta version at the following URL :

You may test it, it's meant for that... You may even torture it, indeed... (it doesn't fear the flu)... Soon this site will be working full time and it's now time to go problems hunting and collect all possible critics.

However this site is really in Beta. It's incomplete and not quite updated on its data. You won't be able to finalize an order (if you wish to order for real, you must then go back to the old version of LRB), on the other hand you may simulate a full order. We are working full time on this new site and as we progress, we must put the code back in place and reset, you may therefore be cut or bugged...

Here's an email address in order to send us your comments : We need them.

Thanks in advance

mardi, avril 29 2008

Kiswahili fika juu Marelibri

It's very likely that this post's title doesn't ring a bell to you, and that's normal, since it's written in Kiswahili, and it means : "Kiswahili has arrived on marelibri".

So, as stated in this post title, marelibri's user interface is now translated into Kiswahili. This language is widely spoken in many sub-Saharan African countries, such as Kenya or Democratic Republic of the Congo. It is known for being used by more than 50 million people. We thank Ruben Lukumbuka for that translation!

Other languages will arrive soon on marelibri. After Chinese and Kiswahili, which will be the next? See you on to find out!

lundi, mars 3 2008

Encouraging numbers ! is online for almost two months now. Time goes fast !

Livre-rare-book is listed on several web site that provide search and compare. "Mega listers". I've has a look at our statistics to know how many visitors come from marelibri. At the same time, I've compared with other web site where LRB is listed.These figures are for february.

  • => 5640
  • => 3681
  • => 1138
  • => 308

I don't know if It will continue that way, but anyway, this is encouraging !

mercredi, janvier 16 2008

They talk abous us

Few online newspapers, blogs that talk about us :

(in no particular order)

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mardi, janvier 8 2008

Here's why we've been silent these last few months :

I could put here the official presentation text, but I won't.

Instead I'd rather talk about the site itself since it's on this particular part I've concentrated my work..

Marelibri is what we've been working on since last June. It's not only a new site between many other more. It's also and mostly the will of five big european sites to collaborate, share their ideas and means. We're not clients or merchants. We are partners in an adventure that we hope, will bring something new in the way of searching and buying antique and modern books on the internet.

We are five different sites, but we share enough values to feel like doing something together. Also because what we do, we've not found it anywhere else.

We wish to try and build something simple as well as powerful, comprehensive and user-friendly.

So, of course, Marelibri and the technology that goes with it are still young. It's not all as we wished yet, but the most important is that we've built the bases to go on without being limited by the tools, but only by our ideas. Marelibri is extensible, and conceived to be improved and grow in the best conditions.

The search engine is based on the tools we set up on LRB last spring, and improved with time. Also, it's not always easy to deal with 3 million books on LRB. Yet, Marelibri is faster with 20 million books and will be able to accept much, much more in the future.

The thematical catalogue is also completely new. Those who know the LRB one well, know it has annoying limitations. The Marelibri one is totally dynamic (updated in real-time following the present books) and has almost no limitation. It is also translated in french, english, spanish and portuguese, so far.

This opens the possibility of new features like the real-time translation for the search by keywords. For example, if you look for gastronomy, the books corresponding to "Gastronomie", "kochkunst", "gastronomia" etc ... will also appear in the results.

This is just one of many examples.

I invite you to try Marelibri and tell me what you think about it. What do you like / dislike? Your ideas? The tools you've been dreaming of and can't find anywhere?

=> !

So Long!